On the water

Rowing or Canoeing through beautiful nature.


Chique shopping, cousy shopping, fun shopping, run shopping, etc.

Holland is perfect cycling country

Feel the freedom and enjoy the nature and villages on a bicycle.

High class culture

Rembrandt, van Gogh, and many others.

Beaches and dunes

The Dutch seashore is mostly protected nature with lovely sandy beaches and dunes.

Amsterdam nightlife

You can really enjoy in the Amsterdam nightlife. Many clubs, bars, sauna's and events


Enjoy a nice drive through picturesque villages, through polders under sea-level or through nature.


Let yourself blow by the wind over the nice Loosdrecht Lakes.


Throughout the summer many events to join.

Amsterdam by train

By train you can easily get into the historic centre of Amsterdam.

Forests and heath

Beautiful protected nature with forests and heath.

Special Erotic cinema

Many specials, like the Erotic Cinema.


Relax and enjoy the water and the landscape, with a motorboat.

Many restaurants and bars

A big variety of restaurants and bars within a few kilometers